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Meet the person
behind the posts

For about 2 years I’ve been wrecking my brain about getting a blog off the ground. Not to mention the years I went back and forth just to start the page. After pinning over what to write about, who would want to hear it, what if it isn’t perfect… the what if’s that keep you stuck. I took the leap.  I had delayed the process because I felt I needed to have all the answers and the perfect niche and by "niche" I mean I need to have a niche first, right? All this gave me pause because in my mind if it wasn’t perfect the world shouldn’t see it and I’m not ready to start. All excuses and fear keeping me from getting started.

What I discovered in my journey was my superpower.  I found strength in my imperfections and realizing not having it all together is the perfect time to start. So here I am! Ready to leap and share my thoughts and how I see the world through my lens, through my perspective and I hope you enjoy, be inspired, engage with me, and grow with me as I grow.

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