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Take a Hike - The Self Care in Exploration

There is something about walking to and around new spaces that gives me a feeling of peace. Walking has always been a way for me to clear my head, reenergize and find my sense of peace. Even when I travel I find myself looking for a nice park or trial to explore. Since moving to Dallas I have tried to continue that practice. With COVID I have been more cautious but it hasn't stopped me from exploring my neighborhood nature park.

I walk this park probably once a week passing by nature trails off the paved path. I have always been too afraid to walk off the path, but the other day I said, "Bump it!" and went for it. And I am so glad I did. It's the little things bring gratification to the soul and allowed time for reflection.

There is joy in knowing you faced a fear, discovered something you would have otherwise never found, or simply enjoyed going off the paved path to the one lesser traveled. More importantly I made time for myself.

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I would like to encourage you all, whether it is a walk, meditation, or journaling take time for yourself. If only for 30 minutes find time for you and discover what brings you the most peace in those moments.

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