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Whiskey Nights

If you enjoy whiskey or just like a good cocktail, then Whiskeys is the place. Opened in March of this year, this place boast one of the largest selections of fine whiskey in Dallas. The bartenders are very knowledgeable and experienced. Located off of Exposition Avenue this intimate and quaint bar is the perfect date night spot or if you want to grab drinks with your girlfriends before hitting the city. They offer bourbon flights for the novice and experienced whiskey drinker. I highly recommend the Gentleman's Blackberry Cobbler Sour. After a good time there head to Sandaga 813 a few doors down for live music inside and a dj patio experience that will take you to the next level of fun.

Mood: Intimate

Dress: Cute and Casual

Cost: $$ / $$$$

Whiskeys - Dallas, 835 Exposition Avenue

Gentleman's Blackberry Cobbler Sour


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