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Target pieces for Fall under $40

Like many, Fall is my favorite time of year and not because of pumpkin spice. No offense to my pumpkin spice lovers, but after months of surviving the Texas heat we can now start looking forward to transitioning to cooler temps, bolder colors, layers, and sweater weather. Not to mention for those that enjoy a good tailgate, football season is back. So why not look for your fall fashion seasonal must haves for your next tailgate in the greatest store on Earth, Target!!

Here are a few pieces I found during my last shopping visit. Many of the pieces are from "A New Day" and "Universal Threads" clothing line. See below for a few pictures of outfits I pieced together.

Outfit 1: Purple quilted sweater ($25), high-rise mom jeans ($22), brown belt ($14), and brown ankle boots ($30)

Outfit 2: This open-front green plaid cardigan ($40), brown ankle boots ($30), green vegan leather pants ($20), not shown: white tank top ($5) all by "A New Day"

Outfit 3: Long sleeve ruffle yolk top ($25), high rise mom jeans ($22), brown belt ($14), brown ankle boots ($30)

White tank top ($5), black tights ($15), gray blazer ($35), brown ankle boots ($30), yellow brim hat ($20)

White tank top ($5), orange high/low sweater ($30), high rise baggy jeans ($25), brown belt ($14), brown ankle boots ($30)

What I like most about my Fall picks is that they can be mixed and matched to create a number of outfits for everyday wear. What's your favorite Fall item? What looks are you looking forward to rocking?


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